Platelet rich plasma has multiple applications in modern medicine. In Sexual Medicine it has gained popularity under the brand name “P-shot” and “O-shot”. This course teaches the background, ethics and techniques necessary for a medical professional who is interested in augmenting their solutions offering to patients with sexual dysfunction.

Dr Elna Rudolph, the clinical head of My Sexual Health, is a highly qualified and experienced Sexual Health provider and the ideal person to give an even-handed academic, yet very practical overview of this popular treatment technique. This course was created to train the My Sexual Health Multidisciplinary Team and any health care provider with an interest in Sexual Health will benefit from it.

Who Should Enrol

Medical Doctors

Course Design

Online Course

Course Content

Platelet Rich Plasma for Sexual Dysfunction:

Background to PRP

Ethics of PRP Marketing

How to prepare the patient for the procedure

What you need to perform the procedure 

How to perform in the procedure in Women 

How to perform the procedure in Men 



Course Highlights

Platelet Rich Plasma injections into the genital area is a delicate procedure that should not be done without adequate training. This is a unique opportunity to learn this technique from a highly qualified and experienced sexual health provider with a strong academic and ethical background.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course candidates will be able to:

  • Counsel patients about PRP as a possible treatment option for certain sexual dysfunction
  • Know exactly what equipment and consumables are necessary to perform PRP
  • Safely and correctly inject PRP into male and female genitalia
  • Obtain informed consent from patient for male and female genital PRP


Completion of the course


SAHPC through SAMA




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PRP for Sexual Dysfunction

2.0 CPD Points

Level 1