POAG Treatment Drops vs SLT vs MIGS vs Trabeculectomy

Glaucoma is a group of complex neurodegenerative diseases, characterized by the degeneration of axons and their retinal ganglion cells, with accompanying optic nerve head changes, and corresponding visual field defects. Raised intra-ocular pressure (IOP) is the primary risk factor followed by older age and genetic predisposition. Factors that trigger the neurodegeneration have been postulated to be related to amplified oxidative stress associated with the ageing process, as well as vascular and neuro-inflammatory components.

Blepharitis – an overview

Blepharitis is an ophthalmologic condition characterized by inflammation of the eyelid margins. It can also be defined based on duration either as acute or chronic, or by location, anterior or posterior. Anterior blepharitis is often a product of bacterial overgrowth and/or Demodex infestation whereas posterior blepharitis is associated with meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).

The Tshemba Experience of Tintswalo Hospital

Generally, a trip to the rural areas of South Africa for me is the start of either a great bush holiday or an exciting mountain biking adventure. However, on some occasions it incorporates both a professional and more altruistic element. The concept of travelling to under serviced areas of our beautiful country to perform ophthalmic surgery, specifically cataract surgery, is nothing new. 

Rural practice in Eswatini - challenges and rewards

This article explores some of the public health challenges of providing ophthalmology services to rural communities and highlights successes, in an attempt to change the paradigm of “Rural is Poorer”. 


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