Doping in South African sport and the consequences for medical professionals

Doping continues to be a concern in South Africa and across the world. The South African Institute for Drug Free Sport (SAIDS) sets out anti-doping rules as well as appropriate sanctions in an effort to eradicate doping in sport in South Africa. These rules are not subject to legal standards applicable to our civil and criminal proceedings. The sanctions imposed by SAIDS for the violation of any of the anti-doping rules are more focused on ineligibility of the athletes and support personnel. However, physicians, who can also fall under the umbrella of support personnel, should be aware of the possible professional and legal consequences when treating athletes, be it as a sports physician assisting an athlete or a general practitioner treating a patient.

The compromised immune system

Since the start of the pandemic, everyone became concerned about the strength of their immune systems. Early on, it was recognised that those who are immune compromised, may be more susceptible to the more severe course of a COVID-19 infection.1 Firstly, it is important to recognised what conditions may have compromised immunities. Patients may suffer from primary antigen deficiency, their immunity may be compromised due to it being drug induced (e.g. a transplant patient of immune suppressing medication) or they may have co-morbid conditions which affect their immune systems (e.g. auto-immune conditions, diabetes).

Healthy eating - what the clean athlete needs 

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