We have created a CPD compliance offering that will allow you to obtain all your required CPD points from a single platform saving you time and money. 

The annual subscription is inclusive of: 

  1. Access to all Medical Journals and Newsletters published on Sabinet African Journals Platform ( with full system functionality and integration with the VSS TRISCOMS® platform to support medical research.
  2. Access to CPD assessments for all accredited Medical Journals and Newsletters (excluding Journals associated with Association or Society Membership).
  3. CPD Compliance Support services to HCPs being audited by the HPCSA where HCPs completed CPD assessments for Medical Journals and Newsletters.

Who Should Enrol

Healthcare professionals with CPD compliance requirements as defined by the HPCSA

Course Design

This journal package consists of a collection CPD accredited journals and CPD assessments curated to ensure that healthcare professional remain CPD compliant

Course Content

This journal package consist of the following journal publications

  • African Urology Journal
  • Journal of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes of South Africa
  • South African General Practitioner
  • South African Orthopaedic Journal 
  • South African Journal of Anaesthesia and Analgesia
  • South African Journal of Gynaecological Oncology
  • South African Journal of Surgery
  • Journal of Medical Laboratory Science and Technology
  • Wound Healing Southern Africa


CPD assessments are linked to each journal publication issue. 

To gain CPD points for each issue please complete the accompanying CPD assessment by obtaining the minimum required score of 70%.


This CPD compliance package consists of at least 246 CPD points.


For more information regarding this CPD compliance package please contact our friendly support team. 


Call: 012 111 7000

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Earn up to 288 CPD points