Managing stroke in 2023 – what’s new in acute ischaemic stroke

Stroke remains the leading cause of prolonged disability globally and the second for cardiovascular related mortality. The burden of disease will continue to increase with population growth. An aging population adds to this expected increase. The World Health Organisation estimates that over 7 million people suffer an ischaemic stroke annually.

The pursuit for more time: “Late” thrombolysis?

Anyone reading the NEJM in 2015 would think thrombectomy trials were an instant success. They would be half right. Decades of research prior to those landmark publications had been beset with failure.

The cultural dimensions of stroke

Culture, as defined by UNESCO, is a set of distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features of a society and encompasses value systems, beliefs, and lifestyles of societal groups. A person’s understanding of health and sickness, and application of their knowledge and skills to deal with the threat of sickness, are core aspects of culture.


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Neuron SA - Vol 16 No 1 - Issue 50 - 2023