Broader considerations around blood cholesterol measurements

The serum total cholesterol (TC) concentration is an affordable, effective screening test with which to begin the assessment for the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, cholesterol can be found in various lipoproteins together with other lipids. Increased blood cholesterol has many causes and risk depends on many factors, as set out in guidelines for the treatment of dyslipidaemia. This brief article provides an approach to an elevated TC as an initial finding.

The sad tale of the gout cocktail

Gout is currently the most common inflammatory arthritis worldwide. It is also the most improperly treated arthritis by all health care professionals. As rheumatologists, we see these types of patients on a weekly basis, in both state and private hospitals. The inability to properly diagnose and manage this disease places a huge burden on many health care systems across the world. Despite it being a treatable disease, which can prevent significant morbidity and mortality in the individuals, we as health care providers are failing to do so.

Pain – keep your arthritic patient moving – focusing on Celecoxib

Older age is not an excuse to not exercise, or to find reasons to avoid weight bearing exercises. An excellent example of this is Sister Madonna Buder(also known as the ‘Iron Nun’), born in 1930. She is an American Senior Olympian triathlete, now more than 90 years old, and holds the world record for the oldest woman to ever finish an Ironman Triathlon - considered one of the most difficult one-day sporting events in the world. Her motivation to keep competing comes from what she labels as the seven ‘Ds’: “dream, desire, dedication, discipline, determination, dare, and do it”.


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