How to update your login details

As a MPC member, you are able to update your login details (username and password) at any time.

IMPORTANT: The email address used as your username (to log in) is not linked to the email address that is set up within the My Contact Details section of your profile and therefore changing the one, will not have an effect on the other.

Follow the below process to update your username.

Follow these steps:

Step 1

Log into your profile on the MPC platform.

To do so:

Step 2

Click on the Menu bar (3 stripes) on the top left-hand side.

Step 3

Click on Profile on the left-hand menu.

Step 4

Click on the User Logins tab.

Step 5

Click on Create New on the User Login page.

Step 6

Enter your Current Email address followed by the New Email address that you would like to update and click on save.

Your username will be updated based on the new email address provided.

*Please note that you will have to use the new email address during the login process going forward.

Contact our support team for any additional assistance:

Tel: +27 12 111 7001