How to view and access your certificates

As an MPC member, you are able to view, download and print your certificates.

Follow these steps:

Step 1

Login to your profile on the MPC platform.

To do so:

You will be directed to your Dashboard once logged in.

Step 2

On the Dashboard you will find a CPD Certificates section

Step 3

Click on Download to view and download a respective certificate listed.

Click on View All to access all your certificates in your CPD Manager.

Alternatively, click on the Menu bar (3 stripes) on the top left-hand side and select Certificates on the side menu.

Step 4

In your CPD Manager, you can select to view certificates achieved on the MPC platform for Events and Online Classes attended, Courses and Journals completed or externally uploaded.

Click on the respective tab to view your certificates.

Step 5

Click on the View button next to the respective certificate to view and download it if needed.


Contact our support team for any additional assistance:

Tel: +27 12 111 7001